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I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity to put all of the pieces together and share them with you. I hope that you enjoy looking around and hopefully you'll discover something you didn't already know about me. :)

Thanks to all of you who have helped me grow into the woman I am today and an extra special thanks to the following: My mum and dad, Mel, Charon and Kim, the Ellis and Dunn families, Cindy Brace, Eric Privat Badie, Jean Salamero, Jacques Boko, Remy St. Jacques, Arnaud Doury, Jean-Claude Sussfeld, Jamie Levitt, Kish Iqbal, Christopher Newton, Paul Sportelli, Jackie Maxwell, Matt Weaver, Bryan Covey and Montage, Randy Stirtzinger and last but definitely not least... Peter Michael Shea.

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Juliet is quite world experienced with many global connections making her an eclectic and seasoned performer. Originally hailing from the UK and half Jamaican, Juliet has lived in Vancouver BC, Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines, Ontario as well as Paris, France where she lived for 13 years.

Unlike most, Juliet submerged herself in the world of music and theatre at a later age (in her 20’s), which took place for the most part in France and continues to this day as she develops more and more as an artist here in Canada.

Whilst in France Juliet worked in theatre, musical theatre, film and television, the fashion industry and the music industry.

Some highlights from her career in France include playing the lead role in the TV movie ‘L’Amerloque’ (The Yankee) , of a ‘jeune-fille au-pair / jazz singer’ and releasing two singles as a recording artist. (Released in France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.)

In 2001 Juliet returned to Vancouver where she continued to progress as an actress and singer. In the musical theatre world she received the ‘Aida Broadbent Award’ for her performance in the T.U.T.S. (Theatre Under the Stars) production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’.

One year later, the prestigious Shaw Festival hired Juliet and she then relocated to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. At Shaw, Juliet performed in numerous productions for their 2002 and 2003 seasons and in 2002 she received the ‘Tony Van Bridge Award’ for most promising newcomer.

In 2003 Juliet became actively involved with ‘Carousel Players’ who do theatre catered to young audiences and she continues her work with this company to this day. She has done several tours with Carousel as well as workshops in the schools and summer camps. Stemming from her youth and her involvement with the YMCA,
Juliet has always had a natural ability to connect with children of all ages and really enjoys the opportunity to work with them.

She has also developed her first play for TYA under the theme of environmental awarene ss. This is a message she hopes to bring to young audience members throughout the nation very soon.

Now based in Ontario, Canada, Juliet continues to work in film, TV and theatre and has now expanded her horizon into the world of jazz music. Juliet’s singing teacher in France (Monsieur Jean Salamero) helped develop her love for jazz and she is thrilled to finally have an opportunity to pursue this avenue.

In the spring and summertime, Juliet performs with various jazz musicians in the Niagara region for festivals, private events and in a number of different venues.  She is also working on new material and constantly continuing to evolve as a singer and artist.

During the winter, Juliet enjoys doing contracts overseas with her husband Peter Shea. Previous contracts include: The Island Shangri-la in Hong Kong, the Sofitel in Marrackech, Morocco and Brazil, the Amazon, and the Carribean with the Regent Mariner. 

Most recently Juliet has been seen performing aboard the mega-yacht ‘The World’ for several months. This time her travels take her to Singapore, Malyasia, India, Oman, the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Juliet is also thrilled to have recently performed for the 1st time with a symphony orchestra. She performed as the guest vocalist with the Niagara Symphony for their Pops 4 concert: ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.’ The concert was conducted by Diane Wittry and Juliet loved every minute of it!

Juliet also donates a lot of her time to the community by doing benefit performances for various organizations. She regularly performs at the Niagara Hospice and other organizations include the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the YMCA, Heart Niagara, Suitcase in Point Theatre Company, the United Way, the Wells of Hope, Women in Finance and more. She finds this work very rewarding. 

On top of her love for theatre and music, Juliet also has many other passions… Teaching Zumba, aerobics and other fitness classes, volunteering, sewing, knitting, running, swimming, home renovations, traveling, biking, cooking, writing, mosaic, fine dining, camping, dancing, socializing and more.

Never a dull moment for this young at heart artist.

Please feel free to browse through this website to familiarize yourself with the multi-faceted Juliet Dunn.

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REGENESIS Afi Lundi Shaftsbury Movie Network
A WRINKLE IN TIME (Feature) Centaur/Principal John Kent Harrison ABC/Disney
DARK ANGEL Desk Nurse/Actor David Grossman 20th Century Fox TV
L'AMERLOQUE Elsie/Lead Jean-Claude Sussfeld France 2
THE DANCER (Feature) Smoking Girl/Actor Frederic Garson Gaumont
STRINGER (Feature with Burt Reynolds) American Cop/Voice Over Klaus Biedermann
LE SENS DES AFFAIRES (Feature) C.E.O./Principal Guy Philippe Bertin Bac Films

THE GLASS CEILING Yuppie Jacquie Taliaferro
BENSON & EDGES Ginger Reza Rezai

JELLY BELLY Lucy / Lead Kim Selody Carousel Players
NEW CANADIAN KID Mother Marcia Tratt Sudbury Theatre Centre
BAKING TIME Bap / Lead Kim Selody Carousel Players & Oily Cart
DIANA OF DOBSONS Miss Morton Alisa Palmer Shaw Festival/ Courthouse Theatre
ON THE 20TH CENTURY Dr. Johnson Pat Hamilton & Valerie Moore Shaw Festival
MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG K.T. - Understudy x 2 Jackie Maxwell Shaw Festival / Royal George
CAESAR & CLEOPATRA Lady in Waiting Christopher Newton Shaw Festival Theatre
LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Ronette Robert Metcalfe T.U.T.S.- Malkin Bowl
ME AND MY GIRL Housekeeper Jamie Zagoudakis Gateway Theatre
GODSPELL Sonia Chris Benson American Church In Paris
A GIRL'S GUIDE DE CHAOS Cleo Constance George Petit Hebertot Theatre

VOICE – Sarah Shippobotham (Canada) Shaw Academy / Edda Sharpe (Canada) – Shaw Academy
ALEXANDER – Victoria Vasileski (Canada) Shaw Academy / Steven Glassman (Canada) – Shaw Academy
ACTING ON CAMERA - David Lyle (Canada)
FRENCH & ENGLISH THEATRE - Bela Grushka (Paris)
FRENCH THEATRE - Fabrice Erberhard (Paris)
SINGING – Carole Forte (Canada) Shaw Academy / Jean Salamero, Franck Dribault (Paris)
TAP DANCING - Philippe Roux (Paris), Jenn Bishop (Canada)
AFRICAN DANCING - Dou Dou Nidyaye Rose Jr. (Paris)
CONTEMPORARY DANCING - Sylvie Payebien (Paris)

SPORTS: Aerobics, Box-fit, Step, Swimming, Gymnastics, X- Country Skiing, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Ice Skating, Canoeing
ARTS: Singing, Dance, (African, jazz, contemporary, tap) Piano.
DIALECTS: Jamaican, French, British (RP, Cockney & North Country), German, Spanish, East Indian, African
OTHER: Drives Standard
AWARDS: Tony Van Bridge Award (2002 Shaw Festival); Aida Broadbent Award (2001 T.U.T.S.)
LANGUAGES: English, French

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Venue Location Event Date
Music Niagara NOTL, ON Classical and Jazz Music Festival August 2010
Jazz, Food and Wine Festival August 2009 & 2010
Summer Breeze Festival Niagara Falls, ON
Food and Music Festival August 2009
Peach Festival NOTL, ON
Festival August 2009
Friends of Crystal Beach Crystal Beach, ON
Jazz Festival August 2009
Spring Licious Niagara Falls, ON
Food and Music Festival August 2009
In the Soil St. Catharines, ON
Music Festival April 2009
Icewine Festival NOTL, ON
Food & Wine Festival Jan 2009 & Jan 2010
Niagara Food Festival St. Catharines, ON
Food & Wine Festival October 2008
Grape & WIne Festival
St. Catharines, ON
Wine Festival September 2008 & September 2009
Savour Niagara St. Catharines, ON
Food & Wine Festival September 2007, 2008 & 2009
New Vintage Festival Niagara-0n-the-lake, ON
Wine Festival July 2008 & July 2009
Willowbank Jazz Festival
Queenston, ON
Jazz Festival June 2008
Folk Arts Festival
St. Catharines, ON
Festival May 2008 & May 2009
Jazz on the Ridge
Beamsville, ON
Jazz Festival May 2007

Venue Location Event Date
Niagara Symphony Brock Centre for the Performing Arts, St Catharine's, ON
Pops 4 Concert May 1 and 2 2010
The World Asia, Middle East and Europe
Lounge Jazz Winter and Spring 2010
Trillium Resort and Spa Bracebridge, ON
New Yearís Eve Winter 2009
Paris Crepes Bistro Niagara Falls, ON
Grand Opening & various events Winter 2009
Corkís Restaurant Niagara-0n-the-lake, ON
Week End Jazz Summer 2009
Domís Downtown St Catharine's, ON
Shea D Jazz Jam Spring 2009
Glenerin Inn Burlilngton, ON
Sunday Jazz Spring and Summer 2009
Swing Rabat Morocco
Lounge Bar Act Jan 2009
Sofitel Marrakech Marrakech, Morocco Lounge Bar ActOctober- December 2008
Southbrook Vineyards Niagara-0n-the-lake, ON
Grand Opening June 2008
Queen’s Landing
Niagara-on-the-lake, ON
Friday Jazz July & August, 2008 & 2009
Copa CabanaNiagara Falls, ON Week end jazz Summer 2008
Irish Harp
Niagara-0n-the-lake, ONWeek end jazz Spring 2008 & 2009
Regent Seven Seas Mariner
Brazil, Caribbean Lounge jazz Feb – April 2008
Zooma Zooma
Jordan, ON Icewine Festival Jan 2008
Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, ON Wednesday jazz Fall 2007
Spice of Life
Port Dalhousie, ON Week end jazz Summer 2007 & 2008
Island Shangri-la
- Hong Kong, China Lobster Bar, Feb – May 2007
Carpaccio Niagara Falls, ON Weekend Jazz, 2006 & 2007
The Old Powerhouse Stoney Creek, ON Wednesday night jazz Fall 2006
Treadwell St Catharines, ON Wednesday night Jazz Summer 2006
Irie Man Corner Niagara Falls, ON Thursday night Jazz 2006
Wolfgang Puck Niagara Falls, ON Jazz on the Patio Summer 2006
Treadwell St Catharine's, ON Grand Opening May 2006
Deluca’s Restaurant Niagara-on-the-lake, ON Grand Opening May 2006
Hillebrand Winery Niagara-on-the-lake, ON Promotional events Summer 2006
Wolfgang Puck Niagara Falls, ON Thursday night jazz 2005 /2006
Stratus vineyards Niagara-on-the-lake, ON Grand opening June 2005
Stratus vineyards Niagara-on-the-lake, ON Grand Opening & various events 2005 - 2008
Swing Ristorante Welland, ON Friday night jazz June – Sep 2005
Andiamos Welland, ON Various soirees Spring 2005
Casa Mia Niagara Falls, ON Various appearances May – Aug 2005
Double Olive Saint Catharines, ON Tuesday night jazz April 2005
Funky Tomato Niagara Falls, ON Grand Opening Jan 2005
Martini Lounge Niagara Falls, ON Various Appearances Jan – Apr 2005

Production Theatre Company Role Date
‘Jelly Belly …’ Carousel Players Lucy Oct 05 – Mar 06
‘Baking Time’ Carousel Players Bap Oct 03 – May 04
‘On the 2oth Century’ Shaw Festival Dr Johnson Feb 03 –Oct 03
‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Shaw Festival Understudy Feb 02 – Oct 02
‘Panama Hattie’ Shaw Festival Mac August 2002
‘Hello Again’ Shaw Festival Prostitute September 2002
‘Little Shop of Horrors Theatre Under the Stars Ronette Summer 2001
‘Me and My Girl’ Gr. Vancouver operatic Society Chorus 2000 / 2001
‘Godspell’ American Church of Paris Sonia May 2000
‘Josephine Baker Revue’ American Embassy of Paris Josephine June 2000

Tours and Promo
The Louder Numerous Promotional gigs and TV appearances 1996 – 1997
Flowing Downstream Numerous Promotional gigs and TV appearances 1995 –1996
Flowing Downstream Tour Numerous Clubs in France with single 1995 –1998
Beach Music Tour Toured France with Various Artists Summer 1995

‘Christmas in Niagara’ Various Artists/ Juliet Dunn & Peter Shea: Winter 2009
‘Shea D Duo Demo ’ Various Artists/ Juliet Dunn & Peter Shea: Spring 2008
‘Swing’ Various Artists/ Juliet Dunn & Peter Shea: Fall 2007
‘The Louder’ Malavasi Airplay / PolyGram December 1995
‘Flowing Downstream’ Juliet Dunn / Privat Airplay / PolyGram December 1994

Pink Floyd Niagara - Vocals and choreography / Niagara Centre for the Performing Arts - Summer of 2007

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