Jelly Belly Makes Garbage Delight of Alligator Pie - 2005 / 2006

This production for theatre for young audiences has been Juliet's most physical performance thus far. A non-stop demonstration of rythm and poetry focussing on works by Canadian poet Dennis Lee. This was also a Carousel Players with which Juliet toured across Canada. This production also starred Nicky Phillips and Chris Baker.

New Canadian Kid – 2004
This play is a story about a mother and son who emigrate to Canada and the various problems they encounter along the way.  It was a TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) production and ran for one month at the STC.  Juliet played the role of the mother and was delighted to be reunited with Wayne Sujo (also a member of the Shaw acting ensemble)  in this production.

Baking Time - 2003/2004
This was Juliet's first opportunity to perform in a production with Carousel Players. With this show she toured the UK as well as all accross Canada and loved the interaction with the young theatre audiences. She was very pleased to finally be working with children again after so many years.

Caesar and Cleopatra - On the 20th Century – Diana of Dobsons
2002 /2003                         

Juliet performed at the Shaw Festival for two consecutive seasons. In 2002 she performed in 'Caesar and Cleopatra', 'Hello Again', and 'Panama Hattie'. She was also an understudy for seven different roles in four different plays ('Detective Story', 'Caesar and Cleopatra', 'Merrily We Roll Along', and 'His Majesty'), and surprisingly enough was called upon six times during the season to portray five of thes roles. She really enjoyed the challenges she faced and received the 'Tony Van Bridge Award' for most promising newcomer for that season.

In 2003 Juliet performed in 'On the 20th Century', 'Diana of Dobsons' and 'Jubilee'.
She also understudied the lead role of Diana in 'Diana of Dobsons' and really enjoyed the new challenge.

Juliet really enjoyed both of her seasons working at the Shaw Festival and has made some life-long friends from this experience.

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Little Shop of Horrors - 2001
Juliet really enjoyed performing in this musical directed by Robert Metcalfe. She received the 'Aida Broadbent Award' for her performance in this musical.
In the photo: Juliet Dunn,Theresa Coombe and Megan Anderssen

Godspell - 2000
Godspell was Juliet's very first musical theatre experience and she hasn't looked back since. She really enjoyed performing in this show as Sonia and was sad that it was such a short run. A very powerful show for both the performers and the audience members.

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Benson and Edges - 1999
Here Juliet plays the role of Ginger in this 'dark' short film directed by Reza Rezai.

L'Amerloque (The Yankee) 1996
Juliet played the lead role in this French TV movie. Her role was that of Elsie Butler: a New York / Jamaican who came to Paris, France as a 'jeune-fille au-pair' (nanny) at the ripe age of 18. (Ironically enough other than being from New York this was exactly the same path that Juliet took and there are even more coincidences within the film...) Elsie ended up working for an uptight 'bourgoise' family and we also discover later in the film that she sings jazz part-time... Bit by bit Elsie manages to 'loosen up' the entire family. This charming movie was very popular in France and not only is it still played regularly 10 years later, it was also sold to several countries in Western and Eastern Europe.
L'Amerloque also stars Pauline Pinsolle, Didier Dijoux and Laure Killing.


Regenesis - 2006
Here Juliet plays Dr. Afi Lundi (AKA Patient Zero). A small but interesting role where Juliet got to try her first dialect on film. In this particular case the dialect was African.

Dark Angel - 2001
Juliet's first televison role in Canada after her return from France... The episode was called 'Love in Vein' and it was shot in Vancouver, BC.

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